Cleaning the Tub Without Breaking Your Back

Finding the best soap scum cleanser is only half of the job in cleaning your tub out. Bending over and scrubbing it kills my knees and back. There is an easier way to do this!\

Use a cheap broom for the “scrubbing”! Dollar tree is a good option if you have one but Amazon has options as well.

A 50/50 solution mix of blue Dawn dish soap and white vinegar is the best cleanser ever!

50/50 means for example 1 cup Dawn and 1 cup vinegar. Or just eyeball it and put equal amounts in.

cleaning the tub without breaking your back

I usually use an empty water bottle and pour the Dawn in with the white vinegar.

Shake it up before using but there’s enough for several uses even in this small bottle.

Pour some into the tub…

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